How Amenitiz will support local e-invoicing in +40 countries
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How Amenitiz will support local e-invoicing in +40 countries

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About Amenitiz

Amenitiz is a comprehensive software solution designed for hotels, streamlining operations by centralizing various tasks, including guest invoicing. Supporting over 7,000 independent hoteliers across more than 40 countries, Amenitiz required a global solution capable of programmatically issuing invoices in compliance with the diverse regulations of each country it operates in.

Impact of Invopop

Built the integration with Invopop in lesss than 8 weeks, and piloted it in Portugal
The same integration is now used in Spain, Colombia, Mexico and Italy
Amenitiz is now able to compete with local players and has unlocked +200 deals
Plan is expanding integration globally, also to pro-forma invoices and receipts
“Invopop is key to our international expansion. We can now launch a country like Colombia in weeks instead of months”
Gaël Merino
Product Manager
Impact in the business
New customers signed
Monthy invoices
Invoice support tickets
Countries integrated