The latest updates from Invopop products

2020 - 2024
June 17, 2024

Workflows visual editor


Two months ago, we quietly launched ​DAG Workflows​ to supercharge your workflows. Thanks to DAG Workflows, you can define conditional paths based on the output of each step. This is especially useful for handling errors.

See in action in the screenshot below: if the SDI Italy step fails (e.g., the Italian tax authority rejects the e-invoice), the workflow will skip the email step, set the silo entry state to ​Error​, and trigger a webhook.

But we didn’t stop there. Last week, we rolled out a sleek ​new workflow design​ to make it easier for our users to see and define these condition paths.

2020 - 2024
May 8, 2024



We’ve uploaded our PDF generator to make it more beautiful, faster, and easier to evolve in the future. We previously used our own Ruby library, but we now build an HTML using gobl.html (open-source) and convert it to PDF with Prince.  Feel free to check it out and leave a star.

2020 - 2024
April 23, 2024

UI revamp


UI polish

If I say “invoicing” you say “gorgeous”, right? Well… that’s likely not the case. Yet. 😀At Invopop, we want to build the first beautiful finance tool that users actually love using. That’s why we’re constantly pushing ourselves to improve the look and feel of the Console. You’ll notice many little details and some big ones such as: sidebars to configure steps, a new settings page design, new empty states…

Details section

We thought that it’s always good to keep the most important details of a document at sight. That’s why we’ve added a details section to the detail view when opening an invoice.

Related documents

To correct an invoice in Invopop, you create a new document – that is a credit note –, which refers to the the invoice. While these are independent documents in Invopop, they’re clearly related and you may want to quickly jump from one to the other. That’s why we created Related.

Relations are not only useful for invoices and credit notes, you can also use relations between Contacts and Invoices.

A couple of notes:

  • For Invopop to identify the relationship, you need to add UUIDs to the objects, that’s why Invopop will now automatically add UUIDs to every document if missing.
  • For now, you can only access Relations from the original document. For example, from the invoice, not the credit note. We’ll soon improve this.

Meta tab

For the joy of developers, we’ve added a Meta tab to the detail view, containing extra information about the Silo Entry: UUID, time of creation and time of last update. Please let us know of any more info you’d like to see here

Replicate documents

Many of you use the `Duplicate` button to manually create new invoices based on previous ones. It’s a time saver compared to starting from a blank page. That’s why we thought that what we needed wasn’t to Duplicate (a exact copy), but to `Replicate` it: to create a new similar document, based on the previous one. Yes, we do obsess about naming! But here’s what you should care about: now, when clicking replicate it’ll automatically assign a new UUID, update the Issue Date and remove the Code. We hope this saves you even more time! :)

Edit closed invoices

Invopop used to never allow changes to close invoices to guarantee immutability as required by anti-fraud standards. However, you sometimes notice a minor mistake after an invoice has is closed, even if it hasn’t been sent to the customer or tax authority and fixing those mistakes wouldn’t have any implications from the tax perspective.

To solve this, we now allow to edit closed invoices, but we store every document version internally to continue complying with anti-fraud standards.

2020 - 2024
August 17, 2023

Lots of updates


Sam and Juan were too busy growing the company that they didn't bother to document the changes. Startup mentality.

2020 - 2024
September 2, 2020

First push to GitHub


And everything started!