Invopop is proud to be part of YCombinator W23
Invopop is proud to be part of YCombinator W23

Company values

The aim of setting values at such an early stage of the company is predominately to lay out what skills we’re going to be looking for in our earliest hires and should subsequently be evident in the first versions of the working product. This list will change and be extended as time goes on as we figure out what ends up being more important and what doesn’t.

  • Build
  • Simplify
  • Support & Communicate
  • Seek Honesty

Details of each are as follows.


Create things that add value and solve problems.

Build to last by thinking about the quality of the end result and ensuring that others can continue to build on top of what you created.

When solving problems, identify root causes, don’t just fix the symptoms.

Be cautious of “fake building”; creating things for the sake of building without asking what problems are actually being solved, or if they should be solved at this time.


Continually ask yourself what can be removed or taken away to ensure what you’re creating is as simple as it possibly can be while solving the problem at hand.

Use layers effectively to abstract complexity through neat and tidy interfaces.

Think about how others or indeed yourself will use what you’re working on in the future and make sure its as easy to understand as possible.

Be wary of “fake simplicity”; the act of taking shortcuts which might solve a problem now, but add complexity in the long term.

Support & Communicate

Actively speak to others about what you’re working on to seek their advice and recommendations. Encourage everyone to share their decisions or thoughts.

Always seek to write down details on how to use or understand what you’re working on with a view to others being able to pick up from where you left off.

Listen to what others have to say, and ensure that everyone is heard. Take turns when speaking, and don’t interrupt.

Be patient and allow others to learn from their mistakes, no matter how tempting it is to correct them from the beginning.

Offer and acknowledge advice, even if not solicited, with a positive and constructive attitude.

Reject “fake support” that appears patronizing or makes you feel unconformable. Take the high ground however and attempt to help them understand so that they may correct themselves in the future.

Seek Honesty

We believe truth builds trust, and transparency is the enemy of negative politics.

Avoid sugarcoating, exaggeration, or confusion in order to attempt to gain the upper hand.

Attempt to be as transparent as possible with information, albeit within the limits permitted by data protection laws and intellectual property rights.

When choosing between providers or partnerships, value and attempt to measure their honesty as a key requirement of the decision making process.

Avoid thoughtless honesty. If what you have to say might be difficult for the other person to swallow, try to be as constructive as possible.