Searching for a Business Development Co-Founder

Invopop helps automate and scale the conversion of sales into electronic invoices. No matter where you are in the world, Invopop is designed to integrate with local partners so companies can get their invoices where they need them, and in the formats required by customers, governments, and finance teams.

In our opinion, the business world has missed the boat on leveraging electronic formats for communicating transactions. So many companies are still stuck sending and receiving PDF invoices via email, or worse, printed documents, with the subsequent wasted hours of copying and pasting the data they contain. Now governments and large corporations are forcing archaic and hard to use standards, but for their own benefit and often implying significant investment.

At Invopop we believe there is a better way. We’re proposing an Open Source library and document format called GOBL ( that makes it super easy to create electronic business documents. The Invopop tooling then helps to convert documents into local formats with integrations for any number of applications and services. We’ve got lot’s of ideas around other tools to help businesses of any size communicate more effectively, but for the moment the focus is on converting sales to invoices.

Invopop started mid 2020, and we’ve been focussed on quietly developing a robust and capable product. The product has good support for the Spanish system which we know best, but the system has been built from the very beginning with global aspirations and is relatively easy to internationalise. Our aim is to become a global solution with presence in every country in the world.

Now we have a basic product working, we need to build out the business and sales side.

The co-founder title is important. We’re not looking for a directors or managers at this stage, although that will come, right now we need hands-on action with someone who can understand the business problems completely, figure out a plan, and help everyone execute.

Invopop raised 550k€ in pre-seed funding early 2021, and is now in the process of raising for a seed round for which a business focussed profile is essential. We have a certain amount of flexibility with regards to compensation, but given the very early stage of the company, we can offer an attractive number of co-founder stock options.

The development team works remotely, and the objective is to keep that flexibility, but this role will require repeated and high-bandwidth communication with the founder. Candidates must be prepared to relocate to Madrid. Long-term we’d be open to more flexibility, but Zoom and Slack just can’t compete with physical presence when it comes to creativity.

If you’re up for a challenge and think you could take on a role like this alongside a small but experienced team, for a technology project that has truly global scope in an underserved sector, please get in touch: