We’re Hiring!


We’re looking for talented individuals to join our team and help build a solution for invoicing that developers and finance teams enjoy using but most importantly saves them time.

Our focus now is on building the product, so we’re hiring software engineers, preferably willing to get involved in the complete software stack given these early stages, but predominantly with senior experience in either the backend or frontend.

Invopop is very well funded with more than enough for the next 18+ months required to build a really great product with a small (~4 people) team. Once we have something working, the idea is to start hiring business & operations profiles.

Tech Stack

Some of the technologies we’re using, or intending to use:

  • Go
  • Svelte
  • CockroachDB
  • CouchDB
  • Firebase
  • NATS
  • Google Cloud
  • Github actions (CI)
  • ECDSA cryptography
  • Kubernetes & Docker

Invopop is built from the start with a micro-service architecture around business objectives.


Invopop development is based out of europe and specifically, Madrid, Spain. We don’t have plans to start renting an office any time soon, so we’re expecting the team to be fully remote. At the beginning, we think it makes sense to at least keep everyone in a similar time zone.

Once travel restrictions are lifted, we’d like to aim for meeting up in person at least twice a year.

Hiring Process

  1. Read through this website and the posts to make sure the styles and values expressed make sense to you. Might sound frivolous, but we believe it’s really important to try aligning culture from the beginning.
  2. If the project still sounds interesting, send us an email with a link to your CV and cover letter.
  3. We’ll get back to you as soon as we can, and if your CV matches what we’re looking for, we’ll include a link to a code test with either a backend or frontend focus.
  4. Take your time, and once you have something you’re happy with, send us your code.
  5. We’ll review and provide feedback as soon as possible. If successful, we’ll arrange for a Zoom call for a chat.
  6. Assuming all well, we’ll send you an offer.


Salary ranges to be based on “Berlin rates” according to seniority and experience. We think Berlin represents a good middle ground for salaries in europe.

We have legal entities in Spain and the UK, so a payroll is possible in either country. If you’re located anywhere else, we’d go for a freelance contract.

A stock option plan from the UK holding company will be available shortly.